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Converging People's Hearts with Culture

- Tian Jiayu

A century-old enterprise relies on culture and culture is the essence and soul of a company. Jia Yu’s corporate culture is trust culture, solidarity culture and sincere culture. First of all, trust is the core of corporate culture. It includes the elements of consistency, stability, friendliness and responsibility of the mind. Trust is an important part of all lasting social relationships. Followed by solidarity, this is reflected in Jiayu's team has a common goal and can communicate effectively. The third thing to talk about is a sincere culture. It is inseparable from trust. Be honest and open-minded, to move others from the bottom of the heart and ultimately gain the trust of others. If you study with honesty, you can do nothing. If you are honest, you will be unemployed. Every move of Jia Yuren embodies her sincerity. In addition, Chairman Tian Jiayu also combined the four consciousnesses with the corporate culture, requiring all Jia Dairen to have political awareness, overall awareness, core consciousness, and a sense of readiness to elevate corporate culture. Jia Yu's corporate culture is cohesive, bringing all Jia Yu people together around the company, giving them a sense of mission and responsibility, consciously bringing their own wisdom to the overall goals of the company, and harmonizing individual behaviors with common corporate behaviors. In the direction of further development of Jiayu.