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Beijing Opco Star Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Opcostar Technology Co., Ltd. ("Opco Star") is a holding subsidiary of Beijing Jiayu Doors & Windows Curtain Wall Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as "Jiayu Shares", stock code: 300117), In the three business segments of energy-saving door and window curtain wall, robot intelligent equipment and new energy, it is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design and manufacture of automation equipment for new energy fields such as solar thermal, photovoltaic and automotive. Technology company.
    In recent years, Opcostar has successively undertaken a series of national and Beijing science and technology plan projects, filled a number of domestic gaps, obtained a number of invention patents and more than 100 utility model patents; photothermal high temperature collector tube automation equipment The market sales of the main products such as photovoltaic frame automation equipment and automobile bearing automation equipment are at the leading level in the same industry at home and abroad.
    In the steady development process, Opcostar has won praises both inside and outside the industry: in 2013, it was awarded the Zhongguancun High-growth Top 100 Enterprises, in 2014, it was awarded the Guangchao International Cooperation Base, in 2015, it was awarded the outstanding innovative enterprise, and in 2016, it was awarded Comment on the most competitive brand in China (industry), the Top 10 Innovation Brands in China and the Top 100 New Energy Brands in China in 2017.

    In the future, Opcostar will uphold the corporate spirit of honesty, pragmatism, high efficiency and dedication, continue to pursue technological advancement and quality improvement, and promote high-end smart equipment technology to promote the development of manufacturing.