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2019/07/31 16:09
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1, the customer resources company provides, no need to go out and work hard. 2. Develop new customers, expand business with existing customers, and establish and maintain customer files. 3, with basic telephone, network and other communication skills, invited customers to talk on the facade. Qualifications: 1. Age 18-35 years old, male or female; no relevant experience, the company has professional training (90% of new employees have no relevant experience). 2. Good Mandarin, good communication and presentation skills, clear thinking, and enthusiasm; 3, dreams, goals, strong desires to challenge high salary; 4. Serious and responsible work, can actively invite customers and negotiate with them 5, love the antique art industry, willing to deal with high-end people, get acquainted with high-end connections; Benefits: 1,3000-6000 no liability guaranteed bottom salary + high commission (not capped) + week award + business bonus + month award + Rank awards, as long as you work hard to challenge and easily over 10,000. 2. The company provides professional training in paid training and sales skills, and a variety of temporary on-site rewards. 3, to provide quality accommodation. 4. Working hours 9:30-18:00 5. The company will regularly organize excellent employees to travel abroad, Singapore and the United States and other places. The company includes board and plane tickets. There are rewards in the quarter and there will be organized outings for groups. Promotion mechanism: 1. Transparent, fair and open assessment system, promotion is assessed by individual cumulative performance. The company has more than 2,000 square meters of exhibition area 2. Promotion position (account manager - senior manager - deputy director - director) is promoted in March. Once, as long as you have the ability to quickly promote. Company introduction: The company covers an area of ​​more than 2,000 square meters, and the environment is excellent and comfortable. The regional advantage park Shenzhen Radio, Film and Television Group Cultural and Creative Industry Park, Tian'an Yungu and Huawei base, the company is divided into business area and exhibition hall, as well as large customer reception area. . If you are a young man with ambition, enthusiasm, and full of positive energy, dare to challenge high salary, join us! You can call our hotline directly and look forward to your joining!