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Beijing Jiayu Doors & Windows Curtain Wall Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as "Jiayu Shares", stock code: 300117) is a provider of energy-saving, intelligent, photovoltaic solar energy, window and curtain wall systems integrating R&D, design, production and construction. With more than 30 years of professional experience, Jiayu has profound industry experience and technology accumulation in the fields of building energy conservation and new energy utilization. The company's new five-year strategic development plan clarifies the objectives of strengthening the main business and transforming and upgrading the high, sophisticated, and cutting-edge industries related to the main business, and forms the three business segments driven by energy-saving door and window walls, robotic smart equipment, and new energy. New pattern.

Jiayu is the first domestic energy-saving door and window listed company, is a national key high-tech enterprise, Beijing enterprise technology center; is the industry AAA credit enterprise, the top ten brands of Chinese doors and windows curtain wall, the top 50 Chinese curtain wall industry, China's door and window curtain wall innovation company , China's top 500 real estate brands; also "China's investment value of the company's top 100 list", "China's home industry users love brand", "China's home industry influence brand" on the list of companies. In order to better serve customers, the company has 26 production bases throughout the country, and has established molecular companies and offices in 280 large and medium-sized cities. It has also cooperated with Vanke, Evergrande, Country Garden, Greenland, Poly, China Shipping, China Resources, Greentown, and China. Happiness and other top 50 national real estate reached a long-term strategic cooperation; independent brand products are exported to Australia, Africa, Middle East, Far East, Southeast Asia and other regions. More than 286 patents independently researched and developed have been successfully applied to many large-scale projects at home and abroad.

The company relies on more than 30 years of market and technical accumulation of doors, windows and curtain walls to jointly develop exterior wall cleaning robots, photovoltaic power station cleaning robots, exterior window cleaning robots, aluminum alloy processing intelligent equipment and other products to provide value-added services for strategic customers of the company to meet the market. demand.

In the field of photovoltaic EPC, the company has the qualifications for general contracting for power construction, and has obtained 24 patents granted by the national team for solar thermal and photovoltaic technology. With its strong capital strength, mature system integration and supply chain management capabilities, professional construction management The team and thousands of construction teams have annual EPC construction capacity of over 1GW. With the comprehensive advantages of technology, service, and cost, it has reached comprehensive strategic cooperation with many large-scale photovoltaic power companies in China.

Quality creates life, innovation leads the future. Jia Yu shares will continue to strengthen independent innovation, in order to make people's living environment more harmonious, better life and make unremitting efforts.