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Jiayu shares won bid for 80 million curtain wall project in Beijing Sub Center


Jiayu Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 300117) announced on March 31 that Beijing Jiayu Doors, Windows, and Curtain Wall Co., Ltd. had recently received the bid of the A4 project curtain wall project (II bid) project of the Beijing City Sub-central Administrative Office District. The price is 83,522,188.29 yuan. The  construction site of the project is located in Yucheng Town, Tongzhou District, with a construction scale of 144,200 square meters. It is planned to start on March 15 this year and the construction period is 138 days.


The announcement also pointed out that the winning bid price was RMB 83,522,188.29, which accounted for 3.88% of the operating income disclosed by the company's 2016 unaudited performance report. The implementation of the above projects will not affect the independence of the company's business and will have a more positive impact on the company's operating performance.






Source: Sina Finance